Gallery 2 - Paintings for FCC in Hopkinton, MA

Images copyright 2012 to Christopher Whitehead, Faith Community Church and

Worship Core Value Paintings

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Talent is a Gift Lead Worship from Your Seat Humility is Lived not Discussed

Stations of the Cross

The Scourge The Crown of Thorns The Nails The Spear

Views of the Cross - 38"x30" 20 minute Performance Paintings NFS

God's Church, Glory and Love - 38"x30" 20 minute Performance Paintings done by M.Shortman, D.Stanely and K.Jar. NFS

Love, Sex and Marriage NFS

You Saved the DayNFS

On The Platform

Faith Community Church Hopkinton

Crown of Thorns

Revealed Worship Painting...more info.

40 Days in the Word - painted background.

Stained Glass background.
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