Revealed -worship painting

The Revealed painting was created as an artistic experience for the congregation to participate in during worship. The experience was originally created for a Maundy Thursday service at the Faith Community Church in Hopkinton, MA. The image is prepainted on a large canvas but is virtually invisible. During a worship set the congregation is invited up to add their own mark onto the canvas. The communion juice they use is soaked up into the cloth revealing the portrait below.

This worship experience has been reproduced in Atlanta GA, Indianapolis IN, Pittsburgh PA, St.Louis MO, Keller TX, Reynoldsburg OH, Shrewsbury MA and Mooresville NC.

If you would like to bring this experience to your church contact Christopher Whitehead at

Images copyright 2012 to Christopher Whitehead, Faith Community Church and

Atlanta 2012 Pittsburg 2012

Ohio 2013

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